Ecommerce Masterclass Suite

The Product Suite aims to provider subscribers with a variety of insights and nuggets about the processes involved in researching about the viability of a proposed product or business with the intent to sell online.
The Product provides four subscribable channels, which are
Sell Anything Online Masterclass
Finance for New Entrepreneurs Masterclass
Online Food Business Masterclass
Successful Business Models Masterclass
Service Keywords
 MC

International Payments and Remittances

By far, one of the unique solutions to help our partners/customers to make payments and settlements with ease. Our built application solution which come in the form of a mobile APP and USSD APP can help you remit your dependents or beneficiaries to hit either your bank account or MOMO Wallets without any challenge from all parts of the world. Same can be used for bulk payments, Directs Debits, Loans disbursements, Insurance Premium Payments, and more.